From big moments like anniversaries to personal wins and to getting a promotion at work, there are numerous life events that are worth celebrating as a couple. Making time to celebrate also shows that you care. Here’s how to make these events special and memorable.

Attend a marriage preparation course

This may not be the first thing that pops to mind when you celebrate an engagement, but signing up for a preparation course may be one of the most meaningful ways you can celebrate this new phase of life as a twosome.

Through the programme, soon-to-wed folks or newly-weds can learn new things about each other including life goals and aspirations, how to manage relationships with the in-laws, communication styles, spiritual beliefs and more.

Sign up for a marriage enrichment programme

Racking your brain for ideas on how to make your nth wedding anniversary unique and insightful? Try the Prepare/Enrich Marriage Enrichment Programme, a customised programme that pinpoints each of your strength and growth areas, relationship dynamics, personality and more. You will leave with greater awareness across multiple facets (read: blind spots) of your relationship.

Bonus: the course is free for Singaporeans and permanent residents!

Renew your commitment

Looking for a fun and vibrant way to renew your vows and celebrate your marriage? Keep an eye out for I Still Do, an annual campaign organised by Families for Life every February. Each year, the month-long campaign features a slew of bonding activities, enriching online programmes and a contest to win great prizes.

Track your milestones

Just like how large organisations draw up massive timelines of their illustrious corporate history, you can do the same for your marriage. Get as creative as you like, whether it’s good old scrapbooking or using Microsoft PowerPoint. Include the details that matter the most to you, such as the most touching thing you and your spouse said to each other at your anniversary dinner or the special thing you plan to do for the family with your pay raise.

Tick off your bucket lists

Be it bungee jumping or getting your scuba diving licence, the bucket list curated by you and your spouse can serve as a default celebration to-dos. Managed to hit your health goals? Celebrate this personal win by booking the two of you that trekking holiday you’ve always wanted to experience. Received a positive appraisal at work? Give you and your supportive other half a well-deserved treat at that new restaurant you’ve been hungering to visit.