Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love—and that isn’t just between couples! Make it a special family V-Day with some of these ideas:

#1 Jazz up your home

Does your family get excited putting up Christmas ornaments or picking up new decorations and flowers for Chinese New Year? You can do the same for V-Day too!. It doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated, just use what you have at home for unique items like a heart-shaped cork wreath, kiss-printed balloons or even colourful heart garlands. You can even include a board for family members to share their love by writing notes of appreciation to each other!

#2 Family Valentine’s Day Dinner

Gather the family for a meal the same way you would for Christmas or New Year. If you prefer to skip the crowd, dine in and create your own V-Day menu. Look out for the wide variety of recipes online, or take inspiration from thered and white National Day desserts to stay within the colour theme.

In any case, it doesn’t have to revolve around heart shapes and sweet treats—you can even prepare one dish to represent every person in the family, or have each family member bring something they love to the table. Anything that makes your family members feel valued and loved.

#3 Valentine’s Day photo shoot

Family pictures aren’t just reserved for Christmas cards! Dress to the nines and gather for a fun family time V-Day photoshoot. Whether you do this professionally, or simply set up your phone on a tripod, you’re guaranteed hours of fun. Maybe more, if you get the whole fam involved in coming up with Valentine’s Day themed decorations and accessories to use beforehand.

#4 Valentine’s Day outing

Is there an exhibition the family has always wanted to see? Or an activity the children are dying to try? No need to wait for the next birthday, anniversary or end of examinations—V-Day is as special an occasion as any to head out and celebrate! And if you’re short on ideas, why not show up at the monthly Families for Life signature picnics at Gardens by the Bay Family Zone, or volunteer to really bring home the message of sharing love.

#5 Handmade gifts and heartfelt notes

Slide encouraging notes into your family member’s bag and wallet for them to find across Valentine’s Day, or gift them something thoughtful like a handmade V-Day gift certificate that offers them a hug, meal or favour they can redeem across the year. This is an especially good way of showing a busy family member who doesn’t have time to celebrate, that they’re remembered and loved.

#6 One-on-one time

Is there someone in the family that you haven’t had much time with lately? Tell them they’re special by scheduling in some special one-on-one family time for you to connect, whether over a coffee, a short walk around the neighbourhood, or simply watching some TV together.