As your child’s first protector, provider, and in most cases, the fun parent, Dad is surely to be celebrated for his pivotal role in the family , not just on Father’s Day but especially so!

And there are many ways to celebrate Dad for all he does for the family –but we daresay giving him the most fun, most awesome day out with the people he loves most in the world has to rank as one of the top ways.

Here are 6 outings to treat Dad to on Father’s Day to put that smile on his face!

1. Amp up the adrenaline

Most Dads like to do the adrenaline-pumping stuff, that’s what makes them the fun parent most of the time. Take it up a few notches this Father’s Day with mangrove kayaking axe-throwing go-karting ziplining , and even indoor skydiving !

2. Treat dad to a pampering session

Dads love to be pampered too. There’s no better time to gift him a luxurious pampering session at a gentleman’s barbershop than Father’s Day. These barbershops offer curated haircuts, male grooming and even facial treatments that will send Dad into relaxation mode pronto.

3. Explore the great outdoors

Get sweaty with pops exploring Singapore on foot or by bicycle. Take your pick from the many interconnected nature parks and hiking and cycling trails around our island, or participate in a guided tour around a specific neighbourhood that has sentimental value to Dad.

4. Feast like a beast!

Singapore has no lack of amazing gastronomical adventures so why not treat Daddy dearest to a taste experience like no other on Father’s Day? Choose something out of the ordinary like a 16 course omakase meal, a sumptuous buffet with a dizzying array of cuisines, high tea, or a satisfying steak dinner.

5. Get crafty together

We’re not talking about kiddy crafts that need cleaning up at home, Dad needs a break! Take Dad out for a one-of-a-kind workshop that lets him channel his inner artisanal craftsman such as silversmithing knife-making woodworking , or pottery .

6. Embark on a cool cooking adventure

If your Dad is one of those who love to cook as much as they love to eat, you would absolutely make their day with a unique cooking class that lets them prepare food on fancy appliances that they won’t get a chance to see everyday. Think artisanal coffee roasting barbequing steaks and smoking meats to perfection, or whipping up wood-fired pizzas .