Our Marriage Journey Quiz

Building a strong and lasting marriage requires active effort and commitment from both partners. Just as we prioritize regular health check-ups, it's equally important to check in on our relationship health. Investing in your marriage is an investment in your overall well-being and happiness!

Curious about how your marriage journey is going? Check your relationship health with the Our Marriage Journey Quiz (OMJQ)!

Whether you're soon-to-weds or seasoned partners, OMJQ is an online self-assessment tool that offers an opportunity for you to gain insights into the dynamics of your relationship.

Take this chance to identify strengths and areas for growth in aspects of positive bonding, communication and expectations! After taking the Quiz, start meaningful discussions with your partner using our discussion guide featuring conversation starters and hands-on reflection activities to deepen your understanding of your relationship dynamics.

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Mini Marriage PREP Tips

A happy and great marriage will not happen by chance, but by choice. It is committing to say “I Still Do” through the ups and downs of your journey as a Husband and Wife.

Most of us will probably agree that great communication skills in a marriage don’t just happen overnight- they take lots of work. Check out our nifty Mini Marriage PREP Tips below!

About PREP

The Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Programme (PREP) is an evidence-based marriage preparation programme for soon-to-wed or newlywed couples. It is based on over 40 years of research in the field of marital and family health and success.

Based on the PREP curriculum, these bite-sized marriage tips cover key relationship strategies, tools, and techniques to nurture a healthy marriage, focusing on key topics of communication, conflict resolution and commitment.

According to research, couples reported more positive interaction consistently, up to 5 years after completion of the programme. Locally, MSF’s evaluation study found that PREP has statistically significant positive effects on communication outcomes for couples in Singapore. Participants reported a 9% and 10% increase in communication skills for male and female spouses respectively, within 1 year of completing the programme.

Keep reading for interesting tips to help you and your spouse navigate through life together, and learn how to build a stronger bond with your significant other:

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Love Stories

A happy and great marriage will not happen by chance, but by choice. It is committing to say “I Still Do” through the ups and downs of your journey as Husband and Wife.

Keep reading for interesting articles to help you and your spouse navigate through life together, and learn useful tips on how to build a stronger bond with your significant other:

For Newlyweds

For All Married Couples

Click here for more articles on relationships and marriages.

"I Still Do" Couple Quest

Many of us will probably agree that marriage is something you must keep working on. Every relationship takes time, and we get to turn daily moments into opportunities for growth. 

A strong marriage needs a good foundation which requires commitment on your part. It is important to prepare yourself with the knowledge and skills to prepare for a married life together. Whether it's navigating personality differences or making significant financial decisions, marriage programmes will help you discover your strengths and growth areas and provide you with opportunities for meaningful discussions on topics that matter as you prepare for the future together.

Embark on our 'I Still Do’ Couple Quest and seize the chance to win $50 to $80 vouchers as you take intentional steps to build a strong and resilient marriage. Hurry and sign up for a programme today!

How to Participate 


  1. Browse through our list of programmes and their respective service providers here and choose one that is most suitable for you and your partner/spouse. 

  2. Ensure the programme's start and end date falls within the “Quest Period” of 24th February to 31st May 2024.

  3. Register for your chosen marriage programme with your preferred Service Provider. The registration details / contact details of your preferred Service Provider can be found within the link above.

  4. Programme slots are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.  

During Programme:

  1. Attend and complete the programme together with your partner/spouse by 31st May 2024 (i.e., the last session of the programme should end on or before 31st May 2024).  


  1. Submit your programme completion details and testimonials (Optional, for an additional $30 voucher!) by 31st May 2024, using FFL’s Completion Form.  

  2. Please note that only 1 submission per couple is required. Duplicate / multiple entries will not be accepted.  

  3. Late entries and/or entries submitted via email to Service Provider/FFL, will not be accepted. 

Terms and Conditions apply.

"I Still Do" Couples' Picnic 2024

Date: 9 March 2024

Time: 5pm to 9pm

Venue: Fort Canning Green (within Fort Canning Park)

Registration has closed.

Calling all married couples! Join us for a special evening to renew your commitment and love to each other at our very own FFL I Still Do Couples' Picnic.

To be eligible, the couple should:

  • Be married before 19 February 2024

  • Have registered their marriage at Registry of Marriages (ROM) or Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM)

  • At least one party must be a Singaporean Citizen

  • If you wish to sign up or would like to nominate a couple, please proceed to complete and submit the form below.

The closing date for registration is 19 February 2024. Eligible couples will receive a confirmation email.

Spend quality time with your spouse and indulge in craft activities such as scrapbooking, and sing along to love songs by a live band under the romantic sunset. End off the evening with a romantic movie under the stars. 

Register with us and head down early to get your picnic mats, while stocks last!

You may also bring along your own picnic mat and remember to pack your favourite food as we spend time together with an exciting line up of activities. You are highly encouraged to make necessary child care arrangements to fully enjoy the specially curated couple activities. Kindly note that duplicate registrations will not be accepted. Terms and Conditions apply.

*Programme Schedule




Collection of Picnic Mats


Live Band Performance
Enjoy a romantic picnic with your spouse as you listen to your favourite love songs.


Couple Scrapbook Making
Get creative with your spouse and jot down your favourite memories from your marriage.


Connect2 Date Night
Strike up intimate conversations with your spouse with fun prompt cards.


Renewal of Love
Our emcee will be guiding you with an activity to reaffirm your love and commitment for each other.


Mystery Movie Screening
Relax and unwind as you enjoy a romantic movie with your spouse under the stars.

*FFL reserves the right to modify, alter or change the programme.

Venue Partner               Event Sponsors  


Golden Jubilee Wedding Celebrations

Date: 24 February 2024

Time: 11.30am to 2.30pm

Venue: Marina Bay Sands

Registration has closed.

The Golden Jubilee Wedding Celebrations (GJWC) is an annual event co-organised by the Families for Life (FFL) Council, Registry of Marriages (ROM) and Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM), to celebrate couples who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Eligible couples who sign up will be invited for a lunch ceremony and be presented with a Golden Jubilee Commemorative Package to mark this special milestone, which includes a commemorative certificate, a medallion and a photo memento.

We are looking for couples who:

  • have been married 50 years or more in 2023;

  • registered their marriage with ROM or ROMM;

  • at least one party is a Singapore citizen; and

  • have not previously received the Golden Jubilee gift set

Event Sponsors

Silver Jubilee Wedding Celebrations

The Silver Jubilee Wedding Celebrations (SJWC) is an event that honours 25 years of marriage and is held in collaboration with People’s Association. This year is the first time we are recognising Silver Jubilee couples and is piloting this in partnership with PA, Advisers and grassroots leaders in a few towns. Eligible couples who sign up will receive a Silver Jubilee Commemorative Package to mark this special milestone, which includes a commemorative certificate and a medallion.

We are looking for couples who:

  • have been married for 25 years in 2024;

  • registered their marriage with ROM or ROMM; and

  • at least one party is a Singapore citizen

Calling all Jalan Besar GRC residents:

Date: 17 March 2024

Time: 2pm to 5pm

Venue: Jalan Besar CC

Registration over here: https://go.gov.sg/sjwc24.

For enquiries, please contact Jalan Besar CC at 62986110 (Indhu).

Calling all Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC residents:

Date: 22 March 2024

Time: 7pm to 10pm

Venue: Yew Tee CC

Registration over here: https://go.gov.sg/istilldo220324.

For enquiries, please contact Yew Tee CC at 6769 3672.